Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thoughts on College Ministry

Hey everybody, I am wondering how many of you were involved in some kind of campus ministry when you were in college? Or if you are still in college, how many are involved in any kind of ministry on campus? What kind of ministry were you involved in?
If you weren't involved in college ministry, why not? Was is because of your spiritual condition? Were you interested in college ministry but there were no real opportunities?

I am curious because that is my job, overseeing college ministry in central Missouri. When I think back to my college days, I cannot recall any kind of serious evangelical presence on my campus. Would it have made a difference? Commuter schools are different. Can effective campus ministry be done on a commuter campus?

Help me, people.


kvkid said...

I was involved with the BSU when I went to OBU. It was good spiritually and I was involved in a ministry where we would work on a person's house that couldn't do it otherwise. It usually involved the elderly or disabled. When I went to UMSL I knew of an organization but never attended. I think in a commuter college most students already have a local church they are invovled in. I think it can be affective at a commute college but to a lesser extent.

billy v said...

Thanks, my man. Anything going on up at MAC? I want to come up soon, see your daughter and hang out.

kvkid said...

We would love to have you up for a visit. Maybe late Oct. We are in Quincy IL until Oct. 20 then in Witchita KS all through November.