Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Fan of Joe Posnanski

I stumbled across the blog of KC Star sports columnist Joe Posnanski and I am hooked. Very entertaining. I read it on the treadmill (because his posts are so long). I clipped this passage which I thought was very creative. He was talking about all of the cliches that accompany the start of spring training each year:

He did say it is good to “hear the crack of the bat.” The source also conceded that there is no better five-word combination in the English Language than “Pitchers and catchers report today.”***

*** What about ”Free money handed out here?”.
Or “World peace begins right now.”
Or “Britney and Paris disappear together.”
Or “Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.“
Or ”Michael Bolton gives up singing.”
Or “American Idol canceled; Simon tortured.”
Or: “I found your baseball cards.”
Or ”Scarlett Johansson asked me out.“
Or: ”Matt Damon asked me out.“
Or: ”We will double your salary.“
Or: ”All you can eat spaghetti.“
Or: ”We only serve Coke products.“
Or: ”Go sleep three more hours.“
Or: ”Chocolate Haagen-Dazs with strawberries“
Or: ”They bid above list price.“
Or: ”Belichick fell in a manhole.“****

He also included the picture of a Mickey Hatcher baseball card that cracked me up for some reason.


jon said...

That baseball card is hilarious. There are several cards I would trade to get that one.

billy v said...

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.