Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nobody cares, but...

I fill out an NCAA tourney bracket every year (rarely do I get involved in any pools or contests, but I do it anyway). Here is how my bracket goes so far this year...
First round, I went 24-8. Not horrible, but consider this, on Thursday I went 15-1. (That means I went 9-7 on Friday, ouch).
Second round I went 11-5. Once again, not horrible, but not great. But of those 11, I still had 7 of the Elite 8 alive (editor's note: not true after all, I had Duke in the Elite Eight, so only 6 of the Elite 8). Now that's not bad. Here's the tragic part...I have Georgetown going to the Final Four, yikes! My other three are still alive (NC, TX, UCLA). I hate it, but I had Georgetown knocking off Kansas. Now they're going to have to find another way to underachieve.
Now, let's move on to something of a little more significance (if there really is such a thing...)


jason said...

I have 36 out of 48 total picks correct.

But I only have 4 of my elite left.

And only 2 of my final four.

But the two left (UNC and TX) are my finalists.

So I still have a shot to win my tourney pick 'em.

The MAN Fan Club said...

I filled out a Yahoo bracket, but didn't win the 5 Million. Have to pick all the correct teams. Wonder how many YAHOOs think they might actually do it.

billy v said...

Someone told me that of all the internet contests (millions of entries) only 10 had the correct brackets picked.