Friday, August 1, 2008


Can you be inspired by gospel music created by performers that may have no real affiliation with Christianity or belief in the Gospel? Can you praise along with performers who have very little intention of creating music devoted to God but just because they like the form? Well, you may get your chance later this month. This is from Gospel Soundtrack, a blog from Beliefnet -

David Byrne and Brian Eno have teamed up for a new project inspired by gospel music. Byrne wrote the lyrics, Eno wrote the music.

Eno is quoted at

"I was surprised by how little attention Americans paid to their own great indigenous musical invention: gospel. It was even slightly uncool - as though the endorsement of the music entailed endorsing all the religious framework associated with it. To me gospel was a music of surrender, and the surrendering rather than the worshipping was the part that interested me."

I found that comment interesting, because so often we forget that the act of praising and worshipping can only come after total surrender. How often do we overlook the surrender in our music? I can't wait to hear the album.

The new project, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, will be available at and staring August 4, listeners can download a free preview of the album.

I am intrigued as well. I signed up for the free download. I mean, seriously, how many of us have sung along with “worship leaders” who weren’t really believers? I am sure it has happened on more than one occasion.

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The MAN Fan Club said...

Doesn't matter how the gospel is spread! As long as it is.