Saturday, January 3, 2009

Travel Note

Greetings from Efes (Ephesus)! (As I stare at a bust of Ataturk). I've got lots of notes piled up for future posts. Thought I'd give you an update, kind of in Peter King "aggravating travel note of the week" style. We left on Monday the 29th at 3pm and got in Ankara at 3pm. We lost 8 hours on the flight. 24 hours of time and I got about 30 minutes of sleep. Nice! I can't sleep on a plane. In spite of losing that day, basically, I still haven't slept that well.

Ankara was a great experience. Ate traditional Turkish food, visited a Mosque and walked the city. Met some new friends here in Turkey. Great families that we spent New Year's Eve with. We had an 8 hour ride in a van with 9 people that I swear should only have seated 8. Stopped in ancient Sardis (one of the churches of Revelation). I'll have more to share later.

Tomorrow, we tour Ephesus and we will be at Izmir (Smyrna) on Monday and on to Istanbul (not Constantinople) on Tuesday.


me said...

Wow.. Have fun

Anonymous said...

what a great trip
what an experience
a trip of a lifetime

ac blair

billy v said...

AC, I have a long time to go before I catch up to your travels. Thanks for checking in.

me said...

How about a trip to Honduras w/ me this summer Billy?