Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biking the Katy Trail (from Sedalia to Clinton)

I did something I've been wanting to do for several years, that is take an extended ride on the Katy Trail. I have been trying to talk people into biking the entire trail (from St. Charles to Sedalia, 225 mi.), but have no takers. Recently I was invted to take a trip on a segment of the ride and I jumped at the chance. We went from Sedalia to Clinton, camped overnight, and rode back. It really was a good time. The trip out took about 5 1/2 hours (37 miles). We stopped at every trailhead, rested, refilled water bottles and rode on. When we got to Clinton, we had dinner at Golden Corral and then biked to a campground about 6 miles out of town. We camped out over night and then we went back (after a detour to McDonald's for breakfast).
The longest ride I've been on recently has only been about 16 miles (with an extended break in the middle). I did relatively well for the most part. My thighs were on fire by the end of the first leg and I don't need to go into details about my rear (which still hurts).
Got a horrible night's sleep (sleeping bag on a picnic table, I'll take a tent next time). But got up the next day and headed back to Sedalia. In all we rode 94 miles over both days. I got a real sense of accomplishment. I also got a sense of how hard it would be to take the journey. I would like to hit the whole trail at least in segments. It's great because I live only 4 miles from the trail at McBaine. My next journey hopefully will be from my front door to Rocheport (about 13 miles one way). Then I will go from front door to Easley (about 11 miles).
I've got a friend who wants to take a 60 mile ride for his 60th birthday. I've got to find out if that's over one day or two. I'm up for both.

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