Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mixed Emotions

A story was just leaked about MLB slugger and "I Am Second" poster boy Josh Hamilton. Photos of a night in January of drinking and other assorted activities leaked yesterday. He address the issue today here.
One, I can't imagine the temptation he feels while trying to stay clean in the circles that he works (professional athletics). It seems like he confessed this issue to the primary people in his life at the time (although his accountability partner initially said the pictures were doctored, see here). I can't imagine slipping up in my life and having my picture pasted all over the internet after (supposedly) one slip up.
But, it should make us pause before we lap up all of the celebrity "testimonies" that we as Christians can't wait to use in our various media campaigns and on the revival circuit.
Josh said it, he is human, he confessed his mistake. If his confession is genuine (and not the result of a media firestorm), then he should move forward and tighten up his accountability circle.
Even more interesting to me was Josh's description of how his addiction still grips him and how vigilant he must remain to stay clean. Also, I can't imagine how hurt his wife was when he originally called to tell her that he slipped up (in light of all of their history).

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