Monday, November 2, 2009

Catalyst - Louie Giglio

By later in the afternoon on Friday, my mind was mush, I couldn't really focus on another message so I didn't give all of my attention to Louie Giglio that I could have. Plus he was wearing these really unflattering clothes that distracted more than just me. I've got a few thoughts here, but I do think Louie took a lot longer to say what he was meaning to say. There were several nuggets in there, but it took him forever to get there.

He quoted Thomas Merton: Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the charge of what you desire.

He discussed the role of leadership: to seek the face of God and reflect his face. That was really the focus of his message. That is the problem, we don't have enough people walking around with the beauty of God on their face. Louie's point was to get us to think how we could seek the face of God and let it reflect on those who see us. This gets us to think, do I seek Him? Am I humble enough to admit I need to seek His face? This points to getting us to ask, "How can we reflect God's glory in all that we do?"

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Jason Yarnell said...

You're right, Louie's outfit was pretty distracting. I think that's a good teaching lesson all by itself.