Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christology discussion for Engage

Greek – christos>chrio = to anoint or smear with oil
Hebrew – mashiach
Anointing in connection with king in OT
1 Sam. 24.6; 2 Sam. 1.14; cf. Ps. 2.2
Disciples’/High Priest’s misunderstanding of messiah
(and Jesus’ correction)
Mark 8.27-33/Mark 14.61-62

Son of God
The King as son of God
2 Sam. 7.4-14 (Ps. 89.19-45); Psalm 2
Expressed by Jesus – Addressed God as “Abba” (Mk. 14.36)
His obedience to Father’s will
(Mk. 14.32-42; Jn. 4.34; 5.30)
Shares all that the Father has (Jn. 6.15)

Son of Man
Jesus’ favorite self-designation
*Present authority of Jesus: Forgive sins (Mk. 2.10), Lord of Sabbath (Mk. 2.28)
*Suffering and Resurrection: serve others, give life as ransom
impending betrayal and arrest (Mk. 8.31)
*Future coming and authority: Mk. 13.26; 14.62; Ref. to Dan. 7.13-14

Central confession of early church (Rom. 10.9; 1 Cor. 12.3; Phil. 2.11)
Non-christian sense: gods and goddesses; sir or master; Roman emperor
Paul – Applied to Jesus concepts and functions reserved for YHWH
Rom. 10.13 (Joel 3.5)
Phil. 2.9-11 (Isa. 45.23)

The Crucifixion and its implications (the atoning sacrifice)
Rom. 3.25-26 – the sacrifice of atonement
The Day of Atonement – Leviticus 16
The Ultimate Solution – Heb. 9.11-15

The Resurrection and its significance
Jesus…was raised for our justification: Rom. 4.25
Resurrection verifies that Jesus rules: Eph. 1.20-23
Our resurrection is anchored to his: 1 Thes. 4.14
Resurrection is not peripheral to the Gospel: Rom. 10.9; 1 Cor. 15.14-15, 17
Indication that new age has dawned (Rom. 1.4 or 6.4-6, 9)


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