Friday, December 21, 2007

Repeat: Thoughts on Joseph

For most young boys, there hero is their father. They look up to him, they think he is the strongest man in the world, the smartest man in the world. Jesus probably grew up with a deep appreciate for his earthly father. Joseph probably taught Jesus his trade (which seemed to be carpentry). Joseph must have been a very special man. God probably had a choice of descendants of David he could have picked, maybe even rich and powerful descendants, men of influence. But he chose Joseph the carpenter to be the one with the responsibility of being the role model of his son. That is why the man Joseph so intrigues me. What must he have been like? Jesus learned the scriptures through Joseph. He learned all kinds of things through Joseph. We are left to speculate on what kind of man Joseph was because Jesus' relationship with his heavenly father was more important.

What can we learn from Joseph? When you are totally committed to serving God, who know what awesome and incredible tasks he might ask you to perform.
Joseph’s task was incredibly difficult. What a great responsibility. Joseph could have been tempted to say, “No way! My first born son (who was very important to Jewish men) won’t even be mine. I am not ready for this." He didn’t." He took Mary in and, even though facing difficult circumstances, including several moves for the safety of his new child, he did just what God told him to do. And, as far as we know, he took his task very seriously.

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