Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sporty Blog Note: NFL Players and Guns

Most everyone is familiar with the Plaxico Burress situation (carrying a concealed weapon in a nightclub and accidentally shooting himself with it).

Roger Goodell’s reaction to NFL players and their need for guns due to safety precautions:
"The real issue to me, is when the players feel they're unsafe, they shouldn't be there," Goodell said. "So get out, don't be there. If you feel the need to have a firearm to be someplace, you're in the wrong place."

Goodell’s has a point, it seems when these guys go out they become targets. Look at a few of the NFL players shot (or killed) by gun attacks in the last few years: Joey Porter, Darrent Williams (killed) and Richard Collier (lost his leg).

Goodell’s response does not help Sean Taylor, who was killed in his home by intruders.
Dolphins’ linebacker Joey Porter was on ESPN 2’s First Take and defended Burress:
"Plaxico is like a brother to me. I take it real personal how he's being treated," Porter said. "Everybody has their mistakes, but that's exactly what they are ... Until you've been in that situation, when you've been robbed at gunpoint or you've had a gun waved in your face or had your house broken into before or been carjacked, you really don't know what it's like…For a person to carry a gun, I mean, you're not carrying a gun to show that 'I'm tough.' It's safety, it's nothing but safety."

Here is my take; in light of Sean Taylor (who had a checkered history with firearms) maybe Porter has a point. One Giant’s player was robbed at gunpoint outside of his home the weekend before Burress’ mess (here). Here is the flaw in Porter’s reasoning. Burress was EXTREMELY careless with his gun, he had it tucked in his pants and it went off in a nightclub. He was fortunate that it only struck him (in a non-threatening way) and did not strike (or even kill) an innocent bystander. Plus, if these players want to carry guns, then do it legally. Register your guns and become licensed to carry concealed weapons if you cannot stay out of situations that may get you killed. (Porter is licensed to carry a concealed weapon). Learn how to properly use the gun (so you don’t get shot or shoot someone else fumbling for the gun in your sweat pants). And stay out of NYC where they have a handgun ban which can get you a minimum of three years for carrying a concealed weapon.

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me said...

How they gonna be keepin it real then tho dawg?

Seriously, get a permit to carry first. Then have it in your house or car or even on you, but to go into a club w/ it on?? Come on, man, that is just stupid. Would have been a bit funny had he shot his junk off..

Mberenis said...

USA Law says if your have a carry license, you can have a gun no matter who you are. You must avoid places of public meeting, its in the handbook! I guess they didn't read it.

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