Monday, March 30, 2009

How to Regard the Law, Perhaps?

There are so many nuances to the New Perspective in Paul. Too many to recount here. I found a quote from one proponent, N. T. Wright (surprise!) that really helps me see one aspect of it. This was the kind of idea that makes me continue to look at the New Perspective and find helpful nuggets in it (can't buy all of it, but it sure is helpful). This is in relation to the Israelites' regard for the Torah:
When God frees you from slavery, said the Torah, this is how you must behave, not to earn his favor (as though you could put God in your moral debt), but to express your gratitude, your loyalty, and your determination to live by the covenant because of which God rescued you in the first place.

(From Simply Christian, page 82)

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Jason said...

I, for one, am completely on board with this statement.