Friday, March 27, 2009

Public Apology

I have to admit, I did not like the Mike Anderson hire. When I thought that perhaps John Calipari had any interest in the Mizzou job a few years ago, I was so disappointed that we didn't go after him. Anderson's first two years were very "ehh..." I would look at the rafters at Mizzou arena and see all of the banners representing Big 8 championships (regular season and tournament). I would see all of the appearances in the NCAA tournament and I didn't see Anderson heading in that direction. Even this year, blowout losses to Kansas St. and Kansas. Disappointing losses to Nebraska and Texas A&M. I didn't see this tournament run coming. I've always liked Mike Anderson, I thought he was a good guy, I just thought there were better coaches. Mizzou won this year by playing as a "team" (playing selflessly as well as any other team). They were a fun team, great defense and making the extra passes until they have the best shot. Right now, Mike has earned my benefit of the doubt for the next five years. Hold me to it.


me said...

Dude.. Calipari is a HARLOT (and that's the nice word) of a coach. I do not like him 1 bit. I think your team made a much better choice w/ Anderson!

billy v said...

Is Capel flirting with any schools? I've heard his name associated with some openings.