Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enjoyable Book: Simply Christian

I had recently been invited to a few “Doubt Days” on college campuses. These are opportunities to gather inquiring students to discuss questions of faith and Christianity. I had already been exposed to some of the more popular books on apologetics (books like Lee Strobel’s series). I was looking for some more thoughtful books on questions of the faith. I read Keller’s Reason for God and really enjoyed it. I didn’t learn anything new, but Keller expresses thoughts on faith and Christianity so well. He asks and answers so many great questions. This must come from decades in a secular culture where he is bombarded by attacks on the reasonability of Christianity. I had heard some good things about N. T. Wright’s Simply Christian but I was not interested. The subtitle turned me off (Why Christianity Makes Sense). I thought at its basic level, Christianity doesn’t make sense and I didn’t want to read another Evidence that Demands a Verdict. However, I saw it in a used book store for $6 so I picked up. I enjoy Wright’s writing and his lectures so I knew it wouldn’t be a waste of money. And I was correct. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is different than Keller’s book which I thought was a little more topical in explaining specific doubts. Wright, on the other hand, provides a more narrative structure to Christianity, walking through the story of the Bible and how it relates to the “four echoes of a voice” that are common to almost all of us. I highly recommend this book and I am praying for an opportunity to work through this book with a new believer or a seeker.
I will probably be providing a few thoughts that I gleaned from this book in the next few weeks. Not an extensive review, but I found a lot of insightful comments and thoughtful ways of explaining matters of Christianity that I will share with you here.

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