Monday, April 27, 2009

World Wide Leader?

If you watched ESPN this weekend, only a few things happened:
There was only one baseball series: The Yankees at the Red Sox.
Only one college player was drafted: Mark Sanchez
Only one basketball series: Boston and Chicago.
If anything else happened, you had to find out about it somewhere else.


later said...'s feeling bitter in the mid-west.

billy v said...

I am now going to stop voting for the Big Apple Bison boy for Ted's Contest because of that last comment. Your name screams "East Coast Bias".

The MAN Fan Club said...

2 weekends in a row here in North Texas I've had to watch the Yankees on FOX game of the week. Even when the Cards/Cubs were playing and the Yanks were down 22-4.

What about a KC/Cards game in June. Could it be a roadtrip for us?


billy v said...

That might work for me, esp. Friday or Sat.