Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aggravating part 1

I was working out at a college weight room that also has access for some of the community. There are signs all around the room telling you to re-rack your weights. Yet on every station I used, there were weights on them. Why can't we do what we are told? In some cases, leaving weights on a bar can warp the bar. If you leave on a heavy weight and someone wants to use lighter weights (not me of course), then you have to put the weights up and then put your weights on and then, if you are polite, put your weights up for the next person to use. Seriously, it's not that hard. Re-rack your weights.


The MAN Fan Club said...

Bunch of selfish, self-centered people. I have a bunch of 10 year olds like this in my classrooms.

I find weights in the dry sauna or locker room at times at LA Fitness.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Happy Birthday