Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Explanation

My ministry group at Mizzou (Missio Dei) had planned on having an Asado (or Argentine cookout). We got swamped with rain so we canceled and I came home to a few hours of grading the online classes I am teaching. I saw that Rattle and Hum (the film documenting U2’s “Joshua Tree” tour) was on. I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I did and I just posted my thoughts as they came to me. Here are some explanations to some of the posts.

OK Edge, play the blues! – Bono at his pretentious/political best was telling us about the conditions in South Africa under apartheid and introduced The Edge’s guitar solo.

Watch for the third verse. Not the first verse and first chorus; not the second verse...but the third verse...The boys are getting ready to do an encore with B. B. King.

"I'm not too good with chords, we'll have to get somebody else to play chords...I'm horrible with chords." So who played the chords? – The Edge played the chords because B. B. was not too good with the chords.

"He wasn't playing a car salesman, he played a car salesman who loved the guitar...I wish he hadn't been buried in the backyard." This is drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. talking about his love of Elvis movies. He poignantly reflected on the grave site of Elvis in the backyard.

"Let it go, not fade away...I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake...I'm not sleeping, oh no..." So awesome. This is one of my favorite U2 songs, “Bad.”

What's this? It's turning into color? What's that? "Where the Streets Have No Name"? It is! I want to reach out and touch the flame...This is my reaction when the film goes from black and white to color for an extended concert sequence.

"The God I believe in isn't short of cash, mister!" My favorite quote from the movie. Been saying this for years.

Wait a minute. What did he just say about the "revolution"? Is that even possible? Bono used naughty language to rebuke people for glorifying violent revolution during Sunday, Bloody Sunday (“this is not a rebel song”).

"One man come, he to man to overthrow" This line is about Jesus from “Pride (In the Name of Love)”

Are all of my posts bugging you? Don't mean to bug ya! Rephrasing a line from “Bullet the Blue Sky.” the City of Blinding Lights – a few videos by U2 to fill time.

Good theology - I'm not broke but you can see the cracks, you can make me perfect again. I like this line from All Because of You. The “I Am” of that chorus is special as well. See Exodus 3.14-15.

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