Monday, September 2, 2013

Some of My Favorite Songs of 1985

I was prompted to make this post after my iTunes shuffle stopped on "Voices Carry" by Til Tuesday. I loved that song and I brought back some great memories. So, to distract myself from grading discussion board posts, I quickly looked up a list of some of the great songs of 1985. Here are some thoughts:
*"Sun City" by the Artists United Against Apartheid - my favorite song of the year. Written by Little Steven of the E Street Band (or Silvio Dante if you prefer).
*"How Soon Is Now?" - The Smiths - if Johnny Marr isn't one of the greatest guitarist ever, then I don't know anything. (PS, have you seen the tumblr site This Charming Charlie? Worth your time).
*"Don't You Forget About Me" - from The Breakfast Club, an anthem for people in their late teens.
*"This Time" - INXS - over looked song by them that surprises me how much I liked.
*"In Between Days"- The Cure - funny, at the time, I liked The Cure more than The Smiths. That is not the case today.
*"Bad" - U2 - for awhile, this was my favorite U2 song. I bought Unforgettable Fire for my brother for Christmas. I listened to it more than he did.
*"Stay Up Late" by the Talking Heads - Little Creatures had some great songs, this was one and "The Lady Don't Mind" was overlooked.
*"Be Near Me" - by ABC - I know it's a love song, and I don't seem to be the love song type, but I still love this song.
*"Fortress Around My Heart" - Sting - made my original top ten favorite songs of all time. I saw him perform this live in 1985 at the Muny in Forest Park in St Louis. For a long time, that was my favorite concert.
*"Slave to Love" - I'm a fan of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music.
*"Can't Get There from Here" - REM - When the world's a monster/bad to swallow you whole...
*"Tenderness" - General Public - who didn't love Ranking Roger's hair?
*"To Live and Die in LA" - Wang Chung - title song from the movie which had one of the greatest car chase scenes ever.
*"One World" - Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms was a huge album that year. Best song on it.
*"Do They Know It's Christmas" - Band Aid - although Bono comes across as a little self righteous "Tonight thank God it's them, instead of you!" Why couldn't he say, "instead of us"? That's always bothered me.

Thanks for indulging me.

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