Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Concert Review: Spoon at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO

Dragged my wife to see another band. This time it was Spoon at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO. I have been a fan of Spoon for the span of their last two cds “Gimme Fiction” and their latest “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (I know, stupid name for a cd). These two cds are jammed packed with tight pop/rock tunes.
They opened the concert tonight with five straight songs off their new cd with highlights being “Don’t You Evah” and the very Motown influenced “You’ve Got Yr Cherry Bomb”. Once again, I heard a song live and it changed my perspective of a song (I did not care for the song, “The Ghost of You Lingers.” Highlights from the second cd were “My Mathematical Mind” and “Beast and Dragon Adored.” They played several songs off of some of their older releases, songs that I was not too familiar with. In fact, I had been checking some of their recent setlists and I saw several songs not played in recent concerts. The crowd enjoyed some of their older songs. The biggest reactions were for “I Turn My Camera On” and “That’s the Way We Get By” (which was featured on the Fox teen drama, “The OC.”)
They sounded pretty good, although it seemed like there was some unnecessary echo in places. Britt Daniel, the lead singer and lead guitarist, was also a little adventuresome on guitar breaks, which were a little too noisy for me.
We were probably a little too close to the amps for us, so you know what they say when you think it’s too loud…
Good atmosphere, the band really didn’t engage the crowd until toward the end of the show (which never bothers me too much). We were lucky because they are canceling the rest of their shows this week in order to prepare for Saturday Night Live where they are the musical guests this week.
This is a great band that has been overlooked by far too many.
My recommendation for download: The Way We Get By, Don’t You Evah, They Never Got You (probably my favorite song of theirs).


Anonymous said...

I just listened a bit on the good ol'I-Tunes...not too shabby.
Hope you guys are doing well, :) Did the wife have a good b-day? Thought about her since we share the day and all...

billy v said...

Yeah, her parents came up and her sister came for a visit. Good day for her. I gave her permission to buy a pair of "7" jeans for her birthday. Afraid to buy them myself, if you know what I am saying.

Anonymous said...

whoa. can i get you to get MT to get ME some 7's??? I'm even ok with him picking'em out and such!!