Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Initial Reaction - In Rainbows

I just downloaded the new Radiohead release “in Rainbows”. You can’t call it a cd yet because they are not releasing it in stores or on itunes. You have to go to their website, decide how much you want to pay for it and then download it. That’s right, if you want to pay zip for it (Hunter), you can. If you want a hard copy, you have to wait until it hits stores in December. There is also a boxed set with artwork and several discs that are going to be available then. (I paid 4.5 pounds or about 9 bucks, or about what it would cost on itunes).

My initial reaction is very positive. I like three of the first four songs (“Nude” will probably have to grow on me). They continue to display why they sound nothing like anyone else. Ethereal lyrics, lilting vocals from Thom Yorke, but they still can rock out like anyone. Very versatile musicians who can play the gamut of musical styles from jazz to electronica.
Highlights for me on just a first listen: 15 Step, Bodysnatcher, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi; Reckoner; House of Cards.

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Crave The Word said...

First English, then German, then Greek, now Chinese. You speak in languages I can't comprehend.

I am so shallow when it comes to music.