Saturday, November 3, 2007

Conversion Experience?

There is a B-Side song on one of Wilco's singles from their latest CD. It could be perceived as having Christian imagery. Read some of these lyrics and tell me what you think:

I was dead at first/I had done my worst/When you came to me
Life had ceased/ I was lost and tired/
You set me free from this mighty fire

Now I will admit there are other lyrics that could be perceived as a love song:

I trust in you/I hope that one day you will trust me too
I wanna be what you are to me

So this song could actually be a love song that I am reading too much into, correct? But if you scour other Wilco (and Uncle Tupelo) lyrics, you find religious, even biblical imagery, like the song "Theologians": No one is ever gonna take my life from me/I lay it down (among other lyrics.) Why do I find Christian imagery behind the song? How about the title?

One True Vine


kvkid said...

I also find a lot of Christian imagery in secular songs. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It does annoy me when Christian radio stations play secular love songs just because you can see Christian Imagery in them. That that make me a hypocrit?

billy v said...

No, not a hypocrite. What I don't like is when a secular group sings a spiritual sounding song and Christian radio won't play it until a Christian group does an almost exact remake (like with Heaven by Los Lonely Boys).

The MAN Fan Club said...

Because you are very smart and if you didn't think so deeply you would spontaneously combust....really.

Amber said...

I've found at certain points of my walk I've heard "more" in certain country songs and really thought that they would lend themselves to being spiritual, I think its more about the person sometimes than the original songs many relationships parallel the one we share with Jesus...