Monday, January 14, 2008

As King James Only as One Can Be

King James Bible Only!
As King James as they wanna be...isn't that a rap album title of the late 90s? Read this interesting part of the statement of faith for the Believer's Church in Touchet, WA.

We are as "King James Only" as one can be. Don't even consider for a moment quoting any Greek or Hebrew definitions and/or those infamous 'better words,' etc. that seem to go with today's so-called modern Biblical scholarship. We want God's words, not principles. We believe the KJB is the inspired and preserved word and words of God - it makes no sense to us to lean backward into the past nor is there anything 'new' coming other than Christ Himself. We believe that which is perfect to be the King James Bible and that it has all come spiritually. I Corinthians 13:10 I won't even take up my time with anyone arguing with them about the originals, etc. We are face to face spiritually today through that King James Bible and someday we will be physically face to face with the Saviour Himself.

All those new modern perverted and corrupted Bibles bring to folks 'another spirit' and 'another Jesus.'

As you can see, we truly as King James Only as one can be!

This is all interesting to think about when you realize that there was NO English translation of the Bible for more than the first 1300 years of Christian History. The KJV came along 1500 years after the writing of the New Testament manuscripts. Oh well, at least that have that issue resolved in their minds. You would hate to take up your time and actually consider the truth. BTW, I guess that means that all of the people groups this "missionary" movement want to reach must first learn English to be able to read the "KJB".

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The MAN Fan Club said...

So is there a Spanish version of the King James Bible? It would be a popular one her in North Texas.