Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last Post on Breaking the Missional Code

The Process of Breaking the Code (chapter 15)

I am providing a skeleton outline of this chapter, which really does not need a whole lot of elaboration. Realize that most of what I have in this chapter is me thinking about starting college ministries.

Understand Your Self

Confirm God’s Call on Your Life
Fall in Love with the People (or campus)
Die to Yourself and Your Preferences
Examine Your Leadership Readiness

Understanding Your Community

Get Counselors from the Context – these are the people who live in the culture. This means making friends with the people who are like the people group you are trying to reach.
Study Demographic Information
Talk to the Experts
Do Prayer Walks
Identify Spiritual Strongholds
Review the History; Become the Expert
Understanding Networks – determine who influences the people that God has called you to reach; find “bridge people” from the context. Who has God already placed in the community through whom he plans to use to transform the campus with the gospel?
Understand Where God is Working in Campus Ministries
Find All of the Campus Ministries and Map them Out
Research Indigenous Campus Ministries or Campus Churches
Determine Musical Preferences
Determine their Leadership Systems – that is, what kind of leadership are they used to in their context? Is it professor-student? Supervisor-co-worker?
Determine How They Learn – classrooms? Small groups? Dialogues? Lectures?
Identify the People Groups on Campus – not just those you hope to reach, but who else is on campus, what subgroups or subcultures are there?

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