Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ESPN still makes me crazy

Will Leitch thinks ESPN is ruining sports. I agree. The (hated by me) Chicago Cubs have won 9 games in a row, have the best record in the majors and you are hard pressed to find much coverage of it. However, when a former set up man for the NYYs starts a game, throws 67 pitches, gets no decision, it gets almost as much coverage as the upcoming Celtics-Lakers series. God save the fan, indeed.


editnerd said...

but Billy you're forgetting it's New York, so it's important.... right? or so ESPN would like you to believe.

jonny rocket said...

ESPN guarantees me at least 15 Duke basketball games a year. For that I am thankful. This is not intended to be sarcasm.

billy v said...

And you can still fight through that cartoon character Dickie V or do you keep the sound down?