Sunday, June 1, 2008

We All Are Hypocrites

One of the biggest charges against Christianity today (and for decades) is that we say we believe one thing but our lifestyles do not portray what we believe. The church is full of hypocrites. That familiar mantra. I learned last night, that I guess hypocrites are not limited to Christianity.
I was at a downtown concert in Columbia last night when a couple of young ladies sat next to me and my wife. We were seated on big brick flower boxes on the corner of Ninth and Broadway in Columbia. These girls lit some incense and then spread them throughout the flower box. I asked one of the young ladies what the deal was with the incense. (I thought they were just being polite and counteracting the smell of their cigarettes). She told me the name of the scent and that it was a spiritual thing and that it released positive energy and then encouraged good spirits to visit. O.K...As the night went on, I wondered how much good energy was encouraged by them releasing dangerous carbon monoxide into the atmosphere with their cigarette smoke. I wondered how the good spirits would react to their littering by throwing their cigarette butts on the ground when they were done (the world is my ashtray) or by leaving a plastic cup and beer bottle behind. I wondered how "spiritual" it was to light pungent incense and put it around people without asking them if they minded. I guess Christians aren't the only hypocrites.

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brandonmc said...

Maybe they where trying to conger the great god Custodian-ous, to clean up their mess!! How cool would it have been if those demons from the movie Ghost showed up and carried them off?