Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

If you think I'm done with my "worship" series, you are mistaken. I haven't done leitougia or a look at worship in Revelation. But here I post some random thoughts.

Great article on combating AIDS in Uganda as well as combating political agendas -

Tim Chester (author of Total Church) wrote recently on evangelism in a pluralistic culture and had this observation about absolute truth

But if you take truth away you are left with pure coercion. If there is no right and wrong then there is only strong and weak. A feminist anthropologist was working in West Africa. When she challenged the mistreatment of women in traditional African societies, she was told by tribal leaders she had no right to impose her Western worldview on them. It was a line of argument perfectly in tune with her own postmodern views. She found herself forced to choose between her relativism and her feminism. If there is no truth then there is no basis to say the mistreatment of women is right or wrong. She chose her feminism. If there is no truth then you can’t challenge injustice.
Full post here - Tim Chester's blog

Ranking coffee in Columbia
On the basis of just the coffee alone:
The Coffee Zone – house blend (Rocket Fuel). Not only great coffee, but on my most recent visit they played the new Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin cd and followed that with "In Rainbows" and "OK Computer" by Radiohead.
Starbucks – anything brewed bold
Lakota – fair trade
Kaldi’s/Cherry Street Artisan – I think they both brew Kaldi’s coffee, which I find bitter and kind of weak. Twice I had Artisan coffee and it was lukewarm.

I have not tried Café Berlin yet. Need to make it over there, but it reminds me of Café Brazil in Dallas and I did not like their coffee very much (weak).

Kind of blah on the new Beck release, need to give it another listen, but Gamma Ray is fantastic. Download it for free on Spiral Frog, you can’t burn a disc or put in on most mp3 players, but you can sample the whole thing and see if you want to buy it. (You can do the same with Coldplay’s new release as well).


The MAN Fan Club said...

Never got the CD's. Not a coffee fan. Seems like you lose interest in a group as they mature and produce more CD's.

billy v said...

I properly named the cd, Stuff Mike Wouldn't Appreciate, since you left them on the table and then didn't get them from me before you left. Good stuff that you wouldn't play at volleyball or basketball (but should play).

The MAN Fan Club said...

I could TRY to like it. At least your not pushy! I just don't listen to much music anymore. At the gym I just listen to and watch ESPN.