Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sports Notes

Should the Packers trade Brett Favre within the division? Absolutely. If they could get a high draft pick or perhaps two like the Dolphins received for Jason Taylor (a 2nd and a 5th) then you do it. You'll face Favre for one, maybe two years. He may burn you or he may melt down. Either way, you don't want him on your team so try to fleece the Bears or Vikings and reap the rewards of good draft picks. High risk, but I think it is very sorry to try to buy him off. They are offering him $2 mil a year for 10 years to stay retired. Get the draft picks, weather the storm and go on building your team.

The Yankees traded for Ivan Rodriguez yesterday (I won't call him "Pudge", that was Carlton Fisk's nickname first). He was traded straight up for Kyle Farnsworth. Good deal for both teams, the Tigers are having bullpen issues and Rodriguez was not happy in Detroit these days. My comment is on the prospects they traded in the last few weeks for Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady from the Pirates. Every year they trade prospects to some sad sack team and get a player of decent quality back. I wish I had access (and the desire) to look at all of the prospects that the Yankees have traded in the Brian Cashman era and see how many pan out. I can't recall very few. I may need to send an email to one of the best baseball writers (and bloggers) Joe Posnanski. If you like the Royals (yawn) or just love the game, Posnanski's blog is a must read.

I was extremely pleased with Chris Carpenter last night. Hasn't thrown a major league pitch since opening day of '07. Went 4 innings, struck out two, walked two, five hits, but only one run. You saw his competitiveness in that for the first three innings he was in trouble, but battled back and gave up only the single run. If you go back and look at the statistics, he very well may have been the best (or at least second best) pitcher in the major leagues for the '04-06 seasons. Welcome back! Nowif the Cards can get their other ace back (Wainwright)...

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