Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

Post have been few this week. I have been at Support Raising School in KC. I have been learning the various aspects of raising support to fund your ministry. It has been eye opening. I had no idea how much time and effort went into raising support. But that hasn't stopped me from thinking of a few quick hits:

If you don't want me to ruin your football watching experience, stop reading. Here goes, It drives me crazy when I hear referees announce a false start penalty. They are redundant in their calls. It always starts, "Prior to the snap, false start on the offense, five yard penalty...." You cannot have a false start AFTER the snap. By its very definition, a false start naturally happens prior to the snap.

Another thing, it drives me crazy when blowhard ESPN analysts and radio talk show hosts refer to the NFL as the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Ron Jaworski from Monday Night Football is the worst offender, followed closely by Mike Greenberg of "Mike and Mike." Everybody does it, Mark Schlereth does it alot too. Why not just the NFL or "you can't expect to survive in this league" instead of constantly saying "THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE." You don' t hear guys calling the NBA the National Basketball Association do you. Pompous blowhards.

Plus, why is it that when I'm on offense, all I need to do is break the plane of the endzone without putting my foot down in the endzone for it to be a touchdown but on a punt, I can jump in the air three yards deep, grab the ball and throw it back out of the endzone and it is not considered a touchback. Didn't I break the plane holding on to the ball?

Anyway, enjoy week four of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.


brandonmc said...

Sorry, I do think they say NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION or THE ASSOCITATION sometimes. I know they say MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL more than they say MLB…besides I actually like it. It’s a constant reminder that I AM watching the good stuff.

billy v said...

You hear the Association a lot but I never hear National Basketball Association. I hear the league versus Major League Baseball (which I almost ever hear in conversation on sports). What is wrong with NFL?

jonny rocket said...

I think the rules have been refined fairly well. Goal line plays can often be very congested, and it's relatively easy to judge whether or not the ball crosses the plane because it is being held in a dude's hand. Imagine what it would look like if players were trying to jump in feet first? As for punts, the ball is usually out of control and much more difficult to judge, and there are seldom more than one or two players involved. It's also pretty cool to see a player long jump into the endzone and throw the ball back in play.

billy v said...

Jonny Rocket,
Thank you for your courage.

brandonmc said...

im lost with your reply to jonny rocket,what in the world are you talking about? thank you for your courage??