Thursday, December 31, 2009

Book List for 2010

Here are a few of the books that I plan on trying to read this year:

John Walton's Genesis One - I really want to work through this issue and I've seen some reviews of this book and I think it will be very helpful.
Douglas Campbell's The Deliverance of God - I've seen several commentators call this the most important book of last year. In light of the "Justification" debate that was brought into the popular realm due to Piper's discussion of N.T. Wright's views and Wright's reply. This book may be the one to end the discussion.
Craig Keener's Historical Jesus - it is a long book but I want to work through all of these issues in light of the advance of critics of religion in general and the continued attacks on what we can really "know" about the real Jesus.
Francis Collins' The Language of God - I know this book is a few years old, but I am interested to see how a committed scientist and committed Christian reconciles the potential tension in both worlds.

Other potential books:
You know that I will read this: After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters by N. T. Wright (due out this spring).
It has been sitting on my shelf and I read the first two chapters but I need to finish Richard Bauckham's ground breaking book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses.
I also need to finish Eckhard Schnabel's Paul the Missionary (3/4 finished).

For fun, I hope to read Soccernomics by Kuper and Symanski. Last year I read two books on soccer/football: Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch (loved it. I must read for all fanatical sports fans) and Peter Lupson's Thank God for Football which discusses the Christian origins of some of the biggest English teams.

I'll post again on some of the books I did work through in 2009 on my next post.

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