Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book List part 1

I feel that I can get a good sense of what kind of person someone is by asking them one simple question: "What are you reading?" I get a sense of what they find interesting as well as a sense of what kind of learner they may be.
I've already compiled an extensive reading list for 2010 and it hasn't even started. I am looking for feedback as to what you are reading and what you plan on reading this upcoming year.

Books to finish as we wind down this year:
I am about half way through Mark Batterson's, Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity.. I'll be posting notes soon on it. I got a free copy because I work with college students. If you want it, let me know and I'll give it to you the next time I see you (has to be in person, I'm not going to mail it anywhere).
I just started Bill Simmons' The Book of Basketball. I've been reading his ESPN column since it started and I do enjoy his work (although I am beginning to see some real repetition in his work. I pick and choose from his podcasts as well.) This book is 700 pages and literally has stopped a bullet. I am a history buff and one of the few people in mid-MO who likes the NBA over college basketball.
I also started The Turks Today by Andrew Mango. I have been captivated by Turkey since my visit there this time last year. I really am longing to go back someday.
I have two by Malcolm Gladwell: a collection of his essays called, What the Dog Saw; as well as Outliers (I will be giving that away when I finish as well). I don't always get what Gladwell is saying (thought Blink was contradictory) but I really enjoy his writings and looking especially forward to his essays.
I just finished Chuck Klosterman's new book, Eating the Dinosaur. This is a book of essays on popular culture and writing. Where else can you read an essay that compares Kurt Cobain to David Koresh and points out where Ted Kaczynski may have been right. It was my first book that I finished on Kindle. Enjoyed the experience. Kindle is going to make traveling so much easier.
Tomorrow I will post on some of the more technical/Bible study reading I have planned for 2010.
So...what are YOU reading?


Jordan said...

Well...since you admitted you'll judge me by the books I read, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable telling you know. But I do think that Eating the Dino book sounds fascinating...and I love the NBA too. Maybe I'll check those out.

billy v said...

Tell me NOW! I won't judge, I'll just make pertinent observations on your character.

Rik said...

Just finished Total, it was just good, not great. In the middle of A Praying Life by Paul Miller. It is amazing so far. Very pactical and inspiring to prayer. Deep Church is next on the list to read.

bri said...

i'll never understand how people can read books like "the book of basketball". but to each his own.

i am half way through a collection of mother theresa's letters and speeches entitled "the heart of joy", finished "bird by bird" by anne lamott and reading "life together" by bonhoeffer. i like all three.

by the way, i finished "naked" before school started. i think it's my favorite of his work. thanks so much for passing that off! it was a blast to read.

billy v said...

I need diversions from time to time. Bill Simmons is pretty funny.

Michael said...

I hope to get Simmons' book and read it next year. Probably won't get around to it until the summer at the earliest but I enjoy reading his columns and I read his first book.

billy v said...

The Simmons book is a commitment, especially if you have reading for school. It would be the perfect summer book (would probably take three months to read).