Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick thoughts on the Rat

I have always been a big fan of Whitey Herzog. I used to follow the Royals because of George Brett and Whitey. One of the big reasons that St. Louis is known as a first class baseball town is due to his presence in the '80s. Cards won three pennants and one World Series. When I heard he was named to the Hall of Fame I was excited. If he wouldn't have made it, it wouldn't have been a travesty of justice or anything. But, other than Tommy Lasorda, he may have been the best manager of the decade of the '80s. I always thought that only having one World Series Ring was going to keep him out.
His Cardinals teams were so entertaining. I believe that the 1985 Cards may have been the most exciting team of my baseball conscience.
I can't say that St. Louis didn't have a great baseball legacy before Whitey, thanks to the Gashouse Gang, The Man, and Brock and Gibson. But Whitey's team set attendance records (3 million in attendance for a mid-market team). Plus, the Cards had just suffered through the wastelands of the '70s.
Congratulations to the White Rat. Now, please retire number 24.

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