Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Few Michael Jackson Thoughts...

Saw a retrospective on Michael Jackson's music on some music video channel tonight. Made me remember something. Michael Jackson hasn't really been relevant for me for over 20 years. Off of the "Bad" album, I really only liked "The Way You Make Me Feel." I liked the "Thriller" videos much better than the music. (I was too cool to own Thriller, my brother bought it). But I did remember how much I loved the album "Off the Wall." "Rock with You", "Don't Stop til You Get Enough", "Off the Wall," "Got Me Working Day and Night", now those were the Michael Jackson songs I liked. I think I did the splits and ripped my pants at a homecoming dance to "Don't Stop..."
I got creeped out by the face changes from Thriller to Bad that I just lost all interest. That's my pop culture minute for the day.

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