Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • I have really been into Oasis lately. I have them in concert on my DVR. "Morning Glory" may be in my top ten favorite songs right now.
  • Did you know that Stan Musial is third on the all time list of extra base hits? Only Barry Bonds and Henry Aaron have more. He is so underrated. Sports Illustrated did a story on him a few years ago and called him the most underrated player in baseball history. As far as living ball players, only three can claim to have been better.
  • I really got into the World Football Challenge. I am leaning on getting a English Premier league team jersey. Toss up between Chelsea and Liverpool. While in Wales recently I saw a bunch of Man U jerseys (or as I believe they are called, "kits" which includes the shorts, I think).
  • I love Wilco, but their new release isn't blowing me away (despite the good reviews). But, two of the songs on it are as good as anything they have done: "One Wing" and "Bull Black Nova" are both worthy of immediate downloads. I do like "Wilco (the song)" in spite of its silly title. "You Never Know" is good as well. The rest of the release is kind of blah to me. I hope it grows on me, but it hasn't yet.
  • Loved my trip to Wales. While there I had Cornish pasties (rhymes with nasties), a meal in a Somalian restaurant (some kind of lamb stew that was fantastic), Jamaican bar-b-q, authentic Turkish food (Lahmacun, sort of a flat bread pizza) and some sort of Chilean chicken. It was a great trip that took about 4 days for jet lag to catch up with me.

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