Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Concert Experience

We left Columbia for the concert at 5:30. The show was supposed to start at 7pm, but since when do concerts ever start on time. From Columbia to the Verizon Amphitheater, it is about 100 miles, so we figured to get there right at 7. We didn’t count on getting stuck in construction traffic for 45 minutes, however. That put us out 90 miles at 6:15. Anymore delays and I would start to get nervous. We get to the place, have to wait in line to park, but we moved pretty quickly. After parking, getting through security and the gate, a stop at the “Johnny on the Spot”, we were in our seats at 8:12. I was a little disappointed, because I didn’t see the opening act and didn’t hear them on the way in. Thought we would have to hear the opening act go on at 8:30 and then Radiohead sometime around 9:15. Oh well…At about 8:24, a few guys straggle on to stage, unassuming and unannounced. It was Radiohead! Perfect timing. The show began before 8:30, which was great for me, looking at a 2 hour ride back to Columbia.

Some thoughts while watching the show: Even when I was drinking, I would never drink at concerts. I didn’t have any money ($9 for a 20 oz. beer!?) and I came to watch the show, not get hammered. The guys in our row made two beer runs and two bathroom runs. What a waste. BTW, I do not believe in the myth of the contact high. We had a few people firing up “the herb” all around us and it didn’t faze me at all. Then we had 6 people all light cigarettes at the same time. Kill me. I think I would rather smell pot than cigarettes.

Two hour concert (which was fantastic, see review below). We get to the car at 10:48, roll out of our spot and stop almost immediately…for an hour and twenty minutes! We weren’t even creeping; we were stopped with our car off and watching all of the drunk and stoned concert goers look for their cars. Hey, Live Nation, how about directing traffic OUT of the venue. Seeing an opening that originally looked like you were going the wrong way, we get out and finally get on the road about 12:30 and then get home at 2:30am.

Anyway, the memory still lingers of a great show, despite a few opportunities for it to be stolen. Now, should I look into getting tickets to Coldplay (they are in KC in July. I’ve seen them once, great show, but…) Death Cab for Cutie is in Columbia in two weeks. I will probably go and listen but not pay (outdoor show downtown).


WHP said...

you didn't miss much with Liars, I promise.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Good thing you didn't have a drug test the following day. That 2nd hand experience could have cost you.

I'm the guy who is thinking the worse when I'm stuck in traffic and would think that the opening band cancelled and that Radiohead was going to start early.

brandonmc said...

i went to the dallas concert last night. Tom Yorke is a human bobble head doll. i liked all of the KID A stuff.