Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Honor of MAN

My friend, MAN, used to give me a fun fact of the day when we were in college. Just some random bit of trivia that had no impact on my life but was interesting nevertheless. I have a MAN fun fact for today:

More than 100,000 people die each year in US hospitals from preventable errors. That is more than those who will die in the US from AIDS, breast cancer, and car crashes combined.
Now, make it a good day.

(Info courtesy of Fast Company magazine, May 2008)

Another one you ask? More people die each year from falling coconuts than from shark attacks. My source, a friend of mine who lives in Brazil. (Not as solid of a source, but I trust him).

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The MAN Fan Club said...

Good stuff. I still share facts of the day, but you're not here! The Police were in town last night with Elvis Costello.