Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Important Document

Several key leaders in the conservative Christian movement (Evangelicals) have signed their names to a document called "An Evangelical Manifesto."
I have only scanned the document, but I really like what I have read. They define what it means to be Evangelical and then they point to what the response of Evangelicals to the culture in many arenas should be.
Some key names for me as charter signatories:

Mark Bailey, President, Dallas Theological Seminary, Darrell Bock, Research Professor of New Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary; Ergun Caner, President, Liberty Theological Seminary/Author; Mark Batterson, Pastor of National Community Church in D.C.; Kay Arthur; Leighton Ford; Walter Kaiser, OT prof from Gordon-Conwell; Max Lucado; Rebecca Manley Pippert; Bob Roberts, Pastor of NorthWoods Church in Keller, TX.

Some pretty conservative names on that list. Correction from previous post: conflicting info on James Dobson. A spokesman says he has not seen the document nor been asked to sign. (I had seen an earlier report that said he would not sign. I will go with the CNN report for now.)


WHP said...

I go to Batterson's church.

billy v said...

You like it? I've heard good things.

jason said...

why did Jimbo refuse to sign? Is he one of those danged ole emergents? =)

billy v said...

He refused, I think, because they castigate both those on the right wing and left wing. This is to avoid becoming "useful idiots", as tools of one political party. Dobson is the guy whom I heard one day say that his show was not a political show.