Monday, May 12, 2008

Everyone's Got a Bit...and Classic Rock Quiz

A little more on the Evangelical Manifesto. They are encouraging evangelicals who agree with the document to go online and attach their names as signatures. But, it our society, everyone has to have a bit (or turn something into their own little joke).
I noticed one of the early signatories was a young lady named Bethany Buffon, who is a Wiccan UConn engineering student. O.K., I guess she might have some interest in this document. Later on I noticed Craig Thornton, Atheist/USA signed on. Alright, is this going to become a bit? When am I going to see Amanda Hugginkiss on the list? Well, keep scrolling down and you will see: B. L. Zeebub signed on. Now that's high comedy.

Classic Rock Quiz
Here is another classic rock quiz, answer the question, name the band and the song that the answer is from. This is a little harder than my last one.

*I found that "something" wasn't so simple, when I jumped out on that road. What was that "something"?
*Who burnt the place to the ground?
*When I woke up this morning, I couldn't believe what I saw. What did I see?
*What will cure what's inside of you?
*Who can still tell stories his own way? (Hardest question).

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