Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catalyst - Priscilla Shirer

Taking forever to get my notes up about Catalyst. Preparation for our state convention's annual meeting took precedence. Couple of more left, Chuck Swindoll (highlight of Catalyst?) and Louie Giglio.

Priscilla Shirer is Tony Evans' daughter and a communicator out of Dallas, TX. You can tell she was influenced by her dad, because she has a similar cadence.
Her message was from Joshua 3. After reading the passages, she had several observations:
After Joshua received instruction from the Lord:
  1. He acted immediately in obedience
  2. He acted fearlessly
  3. He acknowledged the presence of God.
  4. He had the people consecrate themselves (that is become ritually clean in anticipation of God's presence and anticipation of God's action.
She was a very entertaining communicator and Bible teacher.

One quick quote from Dave Ramsey: Have intensity for things that matter.

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