Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Bashing, But...

I have some thoughts on the Obama-Peace Prize award. My thoughts are not so much on Obama's win, I really couldn't care less. My thoughts are more on the reaction of my hero, Bono's thoughts on the award. In a recent Rolling Stone blog post, they cited Bono's op-ed piece in the NY Times, where Bono was defending Obama's win. Here is a snippet from the RS blog post:

Bono has come out in support of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win, penning an
op-ed column in this weekend’s New York Times celebrating Obama’s goal of eradicating
world hunger and crediting the President for helping “rebrand America.”

For some reason, I found it funny that Bono thinks Obama deserved the award for his goal of eradicating world hunger. If that is true, then shouldn't I win for my goal of ending armed conflict around the world? (I do pray for world peace on a regular basis). You win awards for your goals? What if he falls woefully short (I hope he doesn't, but GWB did a lot for poor countries in Africa, what awards did he win?)
Bono is a great artist, good humanitarian, but he needs to realize that he is not the representative of caring, non-Americans and his opinion doesn't always deserve a world stage.

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