Friday, October 16, 2009

Catalyst-Rob Bell

Random thoughts:
One thing I have noticed about Rob Bell is that dramatic...pause...talker.
Started off with a great observation about courting a following or growing a big church. He quoted a portion of John 6 and mentioned that sometimes the crowd thins and the church gets smaller. He gave a couple of instances where things he has said caused people to leave his church. He related that he had dared to question the wars the US are involved in right now and people got upset. He then poignantly stated: "When forced to choose between the flag and the cross, as followers of Christ we choose the cross."

He had his infamous "wtf" statement (just the initials, not what they stand for). I didn't think it was appropriate or even cute (like a lot of attenders did) but, honestly, I didn't think much of it. That is until, I guess, he sensed that some people in the crowd were upset by it (I couldn't tell that). So he disarms all opposition by saying, "Come on, you people are such Pharisees." I love that. If someone thinks you've moved beyond the realm of good taste or being a good representative of Jesus you can just call them a Pharisee and you can be seen as righteous. The Pharisee comment bothered me more than the "wtf".

He went on to discuss the meaning of "eucharist". Eucharist in Greek basically means "good gift." He stated that our churches should be eucharists to their cities, towns and communities. It's a really good thought.

He discussed the 10 Commandments. He believes that when you stay true to the first nine, you will not want to break the tenth (about coveting your neighbor's possessions, and really coveting your neighbor's life). He stated that when you obey God, you won't want anybody else's life.

I felt I got more out of this message than it seems here, but those are all of the notes that I have. As usual, as a style issue, the pause talking makes me giggle and I do think he gets too wordy (even in the nooma videos). I'd like to see him do a little more editing.


Anonymous said...

Not really sure what WTF comment he made, can you clarify that. Did he say it at Catalyst in his message? Had he said previously?Rik

Jon said...

Couple of questions...

1) I've not kept up with Rob Bell for the past year or two, since Sex God, but have heard that he's really slidden off the deep end theologically now. I'm wondering why?

2) I totally agree with the WTF/Pharisee exchange, although I wasn't there. From your description it would bother me as well. Eerily akin to the "reputable scholars believe this" claim a lot of profs use whenever they want to assure their students that theirs is the only real position out there. (I guess that's not really a question.)

3) Rob Bell is wordy, but you lead a Bible study called "Missio Dei?" Hmm... and, btw, do the Blues Brothers attend, because if so, I am definitely going to visit!

billy v said...

The wtf comment came when he was talking about a disconnect between our beliefs and our actions, I think. He said that is what the French call "wtf." Something like that.

billy v said...

By wordy, I mean that he uses a lot of words, not big words. Don't know how that relates to Missio Dei (which I was trying to capitalize on our "mission" and "Missouri". See what I did there?

Jon said...

LOL! Missouri. missio. I get it! Attaturk would be proud!

Anonymous said...

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