Friday, November 14, 2008

Four Campuses Two Days

I was a panelist at Doubt Day at Longview Community College in Lee Summit, MO on Wednesday (with Jason Allen, pastor of Life Connection Church in Independence). I always start off these days with a tremendous amount of anxiety, trying to imagine all of the questions that might come up as well as the fear of angry, hostile students disrupting things. Disruptions haven't happened yet. Good questions and I hope that we genuinely did some good. We answered questions from some Christian students as well as questions from seekers and at least one agnostic who was angry at conservative Christians (from what I hear, I gave a good humble answer to his question about Christian opposition to gay marriage).
Spent some time at the worship gathering of Impact at UMKC. Great time with some neat guys and heard a good message (that reminded me of my impact on campus) from a campus missionary there as well as a seminary student.
Moved on to University of Central MO and spent time with some of the staff at their BSU. Wonderful time of conversation about mission, engaging culture and being able to discuss the mission of God and how we can invite nonbelievers on the journey even if they have not assented to the truth of the gospel.
Ended up at Mizzou where I gathered to pray and study the book of Acts with a couple of students and alumni and discussed how we could serve the campus and invite student to be on the mission with us.
Great time - community college, urban (mostly commuter) 4 year school, smaller residential college and the largest college in the state.

Question for a future post - can a person be a Christian while believing that Christianity is only one way to a pleasant afterlife? I recently read the thoughts of a soon to be world leader that made me raise my eyebrows.

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me said...

Sounds like fun. I think I'd really enjoy a job like you have.

On your question.. NO! John 14:6 "Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." This soon to be leader is calling Jesus a liar if he believes that way.. And that is the only 2 choices, Jesus is who He says He is or he is a complete nut job liar..