Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Political Note

I heard a political commentator this morning say something that I thought was right on. He said that no matter what political persuasion you are, don't you have to root for Obama to be a good president? Don't we need that right now? I agree. I hope that will be the case but I don't hold out much hope. It wasn't the case the last 8 years and it wasn't the case the previous 8 year prior to that. I remember talking to a Democrat before the 2004 election. She was secretly hoping things go wrong in Iraq so that it would prompt people to vote Bush out.
Now, will Obama keep his promise to reach across party lines and seek agreement and work together? I can't imagine that he will. Why would he? He has a super majority in Congress and he does not have to work across party lines. Bush said the same thing in 2000, he was a "uniter not a divider." How'd that work out for him? Clinton said the same thing. What was great, was in the first mid-term election, the Dems lost the House and Senate and he HAD to work across party lines. (And might I add, his middle four years went pretty well because of this).

Anyway, we do need Obama to be a good president, so we need to pray for him and support him as our president (don't we?)


Anonymous said...

i hate to bring it up, but i think we need to pray for the protection of our new president for the next 4 years. a black president could really inflame alot of ignorant racist. hate is so powerful and deadly.

billy v said...

You are probably right, although I would have to think that has been lessened somewhat with the election of a black president, but the fringe groups can definitely stay on the edge.

The MAN Fan Club said...

"I just voted for Jesse Jackson."

I'm so glad it is over.