Monday, November 3, 2008

More Intolerance and a Weird (Christian) Artist

It’s interesting to me how Christians are not the only intolerant people in the world. I saw a documentary about a man named Daniel Smith. He is the leader of the band The Danielson Famile and tours also as Brother Danielson. As Brother Danielson he sings in a 9 foot tall “fruit tree” that represents the fruit of the Spirit. In this documentary, Smith is interviewed, does not hide his Christian faith, and discusses the spirituality of his music. The funny thing is, many young people are connecting with his music even though they are not believers. Reviewers begin critiques of his works by stating that “although I don’t agree with his faith…” and give genrally good reviews. A point is made in the documentary that no one begins a reggae review by stating, “I don’t agree with the artist’s Rastafarian views, but…” Anyway, a few people are interviewed in the movie and they discuss that some of them change their opinion of the artist when they find out he is a serious Christian. Below is an excerpt of some comments on a youtube clip of one of his videos:

danielson's music is so gooooooodddddd, im still upset about the christian thing though. oh well.
me too. he sounds smarter than that

Once again, it points out to me that we are all hypocrites and intolerant and it is not just conservative evangelicals.

Below here is a clip from one of his songs. They are definitely odd, but for some reason he is connecting with young people who care nothing about his Christian world-view but like his art.

Or you can check out this promo of the documentary which contains some people reacting to the "art."


Matt said...

I got to see them in Lawrence when they came a couple years ago. They were touring as just "Danielson" then.

Great stuff, definitely an acquired taste, if one wanted to acquire a taste for experimental music, that is.

billy v said...

The song "Did I Step on Your Trumpet" has been in my head for two straight days.